Our Philosophy:
Discovering Hidden Potential By  
Analyzing Interconnected  
Value Streams

Company Philosophy

Optimizing a company requires you to understand the details. We believe it is not enough to understand how to improve individual parts of your company. Every change has an impact on how your company performs overall. Profit Surge uses the framework of Lean and Six Sigma tools to understand how the total company works together. Through 25 years of experience, we have developed a focused approach to improving your company’s bottom line.  
Improving the health of your company and achieving long-term growth requires planning and creative thinking. At Profit Surge, we take the time to analyze the business, operational and financial needs of a company for long term success. We help you develop key business metrics for your company and set goals that define and measure success.  
The steps for improving your company are uniquely different. Every project we undertake to enhance your company depends on your distinct company strategy. The goals we help you set allow you to measure success based on the total impact to your whole company. Your company’s overall strategy is the foundation that we build on. It is the starting point and the ending point of every project.  
By maintaining a focus on total profit margins, we can help you take your company to the front of your competition.  
To understand our Lean and Six Sigma terminology click here for our dictionary.